Father John Misty’s “Pure Comedy”

Since deleting his social media profiles back in September, Josh Tillman, commonly known by his alias Father John Misty, has been out of the public eye for quite some time. That is, until the former Fleet Foxes drummer released a new single titled “Pure Comedy” and announced his third album, also titled Pure Comedy, to be released on April 7, 2017. Tillman also recently reactivated his Twitter account and took the opportunity to answer questions from many concerned fans.

Four singles have been officially released from Pure Comedy thus far, and they are titled “Pure Comedy“, “Total Entertainment Forever“, “Ballad of the Dying Man“, and “Two Wildly Different Perspectives“. Upon giving these singles a listen, it’s safe to say that the new album won’t stray far from Tillman’s folk rock roots. It’s the type of music that you’d have playing while stargazing on a clear night; a serene sound accompanied by the voice of an angel.

While this album comes as a surprise to many, his fans are anxiously awaiting the release. We urge all fans to check out his film titled “Pure Comedy [the film]” which discusses the making of the album and includes some previews of what’s to come on April 7th. We expect this album to continue his traditional styles while adopting some new ideas. Next time you’re driving with the windows down and you don’t know what to listen to, look for Tillman’s album as the perfect companion for a night drive.
If you’re a fan of Mac Demarco, Sufjan Stevens, or Alabama Shakes, we’re sure you’ll love Father John Misty.



Post in collaboration with Paris Varnier.

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