Pierce Fulton Takes Us to Better Places

Pierce Fulton is a Vermont native and one of the most prominent unsung heroes of today’s EDM scene. He has had tracks used in popular ad campaigns, topped several emerging artists charts, and even had a side project with the renown actor and DJ, Ansel Elgort. As if that wasn’t enough, Fulton has also collaborated with bands such as The Killers and Atlas Genius.

Fulton reps a newer genre of electronic music called “trance”. While listening to this music you’re almost in a zone of heightened consciousness, a trance. This zone is portrayed by the mixing of layers with distinctly foreshadowed build-up and release points. A common theme of this genre is a mid-song climax that’s followed by an easy, soft breakdown consisting of usually only percussive beats. This process gives the melody and other background elements time to stand alone until they begin to grow back into their previous state. Another quality that trance tracks possess is that they are usually more lengthy so that there’s time for these various progressions/digressions to unfold. Additionally, the opening and closing statements are more sparse which allows DJs to have the power to mix with ease.

On the last day of June, Fulton released his 2017 album, “Better Places”. The title track, featuring NVDES, exemplifies the trance genre to a T and also showcases Fulton’s masterful indie pop-EDM crossover. Having just performed his first live gig quite recently, stay tuned for upcoming show dates and make sure to give his new album the attention it deserves.

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