Paramore’s Newest Era

Pop-punk legends Paramore have been stirring a commotion in their fans and the indie pop scene after their first release in 4 years.


Paramore broke from their punk sound with their self-titled album in 2013, throwing a curve ball at their loyal fanbase with tracks with ukulele diddies, a rock heartbeat and a gospel choir breakdown in “Ain’t it Fun”. Since then, the band faced some ups and downs, including the departure of their original bassist Jeremy Davis, but also the return of the band’s original drummer Zac Farro. While the band toured for the ‘Paramore’ era, and continued on their Parahoy cruise shortly after the news of Davis, the band has been quite quiet since.


Paramore hinted at their comeback by participating in a sudden social media makeover, painting the band’s social media accounts in a purple gradient on April 16th, three days before releasing their single “Hard Times” and announcing their album “After Laughter”. From visuals alone of the bright cover art and 90’s themed music video, fans could already tell that this album would be like nothing anyone has heard from Paramore before. “Hard Times” and “Told You So” lead with pop riffs, funk bass lines and a taste of an 80’s style synth, a lighter sound than their rock roots, but Haley’s strong vocals added to this disco groove still pairs perfectly.


After Laughter is set to release May 12th, and we can’t wait to hear what Paramore has in store. You can watch the 90’s style video for “Hard Times”, and the breathtaking video for “Told You So” below.

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