Let BANNERS Be Your Road Home

Michael Nelson, more commonly known under the stage moniker “BANNERS”, is arguably the most prominent, up-and-coming singer/songwriter today.

The first single of the year for BANNERS, “Someone to You”, was released in early June and is additionally the first single of his new EP.

This track serves as a statement of vulnerability. Underneath the catchy guitar rhythms, heavy bass drum downbeats, and the chorus’s supporting synth, is an impactful tale about, well, wanting to be someone. It’s a story where the main character feels lonely and invisible and is desperately struggling to confess his love. This character doesn’t want to have a mere existence; he craves an adventure with a meaningful, life-altering love.

We are encouraged to pack light and love heavy despite any trials and tribulations we may encounter. The bass drum beats and fast-paced guitar strumming propel the song forward and let us know that our story doesn’t end because a phrase has come to a close; we keep seeking for our road home. The upbeat tempo throughout the song resembles an eager, restless heart. It mimics footsteps running when the “clouds get heavy and start to fall”. However, when listening to this track, we don’t feel encumbered by the burdens on our shoulders as our pace remains constant, our footsteps unfailing. We remain hopeful that we may find that person who makes us feel like a “someone” and a person who can take our wanderlust soul home.

For avid listeners of Bishop Briggs and Coleman Hell,  you are able to witness BANNERS deliver these rumbling, life anthems alongside Echosmith on the Inside A Dream Tour.

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