JR JR: Same Dark Places

The indie pop band from Detroit, JR JR, released their second single, “Same Dark Places”, in late March of 2017. Nearing one million plays on Spotify, the new single’s popularity is much due to its exposure on the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. However, it’s an emotionally impactful song regardless.

The first ten seconds of the song have percussive beats that mimic the pulsing of a heart. Then you hear the occasional interjections of warped string tones and delicate, brassy synth effects. This is followed by the lyrics, “focus on your breathing”. Your heart wants to match the slow, melancholic groove of the song, which creates that easy-going feeling you experience while listening. This song is an anthem to sing out when you’re in your own dark place. You are reassured and in the very moments of listening you do believe that it will be okay and that you aren’t alone in your struggle. Fast-forward and you hear the chorus:

I know everybody goes to the same dark places

Sometimes in the dead of night when you think you can’t make it

You might find I left a light beside the bed for you

Cause I’ve been there too

I know everybody goes to the same dark places, woah

The chorus is nothing short of beautiful. It encourages you to live, for you could be the “light beside the bed” for someone else. It lets you know that your struggle/story can be the encouraging words that someone was meant to hear. All in all, JR JR’s new single calls us to love relentlessly and be the rock for others in their dark places. You can listen to “Same Dark Places” in the link below.

Same Dark Places:


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