Interview with Vista Kicks

We got the chance to interview Vista Kicks! Check out the video below. Video by Mandi Bosse.

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Interview with The Ceremonies

The Ceremonies are an indie-alternative band from Los Angeles, CA. In this Suede-exclusive interview, we asked The Ceremonies about their beginnings, inspirations, being featured in a movie, and the upcoming year. Read on to see what they had to say! Noa (SUEDE): Okay so basically I guess we’re going to start from the very beginning. Where did The Ceremonies come from? Like how did it start, where did the name come from, we just want to hear everything about the beginning. Mark (TC): Where did it start? Well, it started in the room we’re in right now. Matte (TC): Well we’ve always been singing together since we were young and then it kinda naturally evolved into us playing charity shows and different things together at our high school. And then I was always in bands growing up, and Mark and Michael would sort of fill in whenever, like if our drummer didn’t come that day. ‘Cause in high school everyone was so flaky, I feel like. Mark (TC): We were the understudies! Matte (TC): So like they would fill in, and then conceptually I remember The Ceremonies came together probably my first year in college. And then for the name we found […]

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