Interview with Foxtrax

We got the chance to sit down with Foxtrax before their set at Antone’s, where they supported Barns Courtney. Connect with Foxtrax on Twitter @FoxtraxBand, or shoot ’em a text at +1 (516) 252-0199


NOA: Hi I’m Noa, I’m with Suede Publications and we’re here with Foxtrax.

BEN (FOXTRAX): I’m Ben, I sing.

JON (FOXTRAX): I’m Jon, I play drums.

BEN: And Jared’s setting up the stage and doing some other stuff right now, but he plays bass.

NOA: Well welcome back to Austin! I know the last time y’all were here was for South By; so tell us about your SXSW experience. This was your first one, correct?

BEN: Yeah! Austin’s a pretty wild time, I remember when we got here everyone was telling us, “You’ll never understand South By until you get here!” and that’s so true because the only thing in my mind that I can compare it to is Mardi Gras. Everyone’s mobbing the streets and you’d bump into the coolest, nicest people and they’d happen to be huge bands we were fans of or that we’d played with and that’s pretty cool.

NOA: Yeah! You definitely can’t compare it to a festival — you’re right when you compare it to Mardi Gras because it’s just a huge, open area filled with people.

BEN: Literally! As soon as you’d open the door, someone would be like “Oh, hey, Foxtrax!” and it was pretty neat, pretty cool.

NOA: It’s a whole new experience — there’s really not anything else like it. So let’s talk about your debut EP, The Cabin. So is it true you went to North Carolina, went into a forest, and recorded this in a legit cabin?

JON: Yeah.

NOA: What was the inspiration behind that? Did you just want to get into new music with a fresh mind?

JON: Yeah that’s exactly what it was, and also I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Bon Iver or — (Jared walks in) ah here’s Jared. Jared, these are the wonderful young ladies who we’ve been having some Twitter conversations with — but we just decided we wanted to go to a cabin, like you said yourself. Y’know? Just to be excluded and to have five or six weeks where we just bonded and had three souls coming together as one, we tried to create music that we all could dig, that we all could feel passionate about. I think we went there as two separate projects — Ben Schneid and a brothers band. And we came out of that as a band with ten or fifteen songs, which we narrowed down to five songs. But it really was an experience that shaped who we are today.

NOA: Was there a main inspiration behind it? Like did you go in there with the mindset of wanting to produce an EP?

BEN: I think we were all restless, trying to do something different and great and that’s mainly what we were thinking because most people don’t do stuff like that. So I think that was enough inspiration in itself — like it’s a really daunting thing when everyone you know has a regular job, which is cool, y’know, we won’t hate on that, it just wasn’t really our path. So just coming to terms with that and understanding that is probably the greatest inspiration on that record.

NOA: I know we’re a little bit short on time, would you like to tell us what the rest of 2017 looks like for y’all? More music, more tours… what can you tell us?

BEN: There’s gonna be a lot happening. We popped on to the second leg of Barns Courtney’s tour, so we’ll be going from Albany to Minneapolis, and when we get to New York we’re gonna record another EP. I’m super excited to record that and it’s gonna be our next effort. We’re excited about our old stuff but it’s also nice to have some new material recorded and to see if people are gonna dig it just the same as before. Just be on the lookout for more updates and for what’s next to come. Everything’s happening so fast now that every day there’s a new opportunity, so we just encourage people to follow us on our socials @FoxtraxBand on Twitter and Instagram, and our website is

NOA: Thanks so much!

BEN: Cheers!

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