“Give It Up” for Patternist

The indie, synthpop band, Patternist, made its beginnings in the progressive, overcast Portland. Patternist’s music can be enjoyed on rainy days spent inside or driving downtown on a chilly night with gleaming city lights and brisk air streaking across your face. Their new EP, “Give It Up”, offers the listener a chance to be introspective. The drum tracks underneath “Too Fast” mimic the beating of your own heart, letting the music and lyrics resonate and pulse within you so you can put your own story with the words. The heavy synthesizer present in all the tracks lacks anything but emotion. The layered, repeated rhythms remind the audience of bands like St. Lucia or CHVRCHES. With the electronic percussion providing the vulnerable bass line, the synthesizer adding the forward motion, and the pure, whole tone of Gabe’s vocals, you want to jump in the car with your closest friends and roll down the windows and take it a bit too fast. Having opened for acts such as Finish Ticket, Vinyl Theatre, and Lostboycrow, Gabe Mouer and his start-up, Patternist, are making their name known in the indie music world with their new EP.

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