Foster the People’s World Tour

From Los Angeles, California, Foster the People gained exposure the summer of 2011 with the release of their hit single, “Pumped Up Kicks”. Today, the band finally returned from a three-year hiatus with the announcement of a world tour. This is the first tour the band has officially been on since 2014’s extension of the Supermodel tour and it was a delightful surprise for fans everywhere.

New tours usually indicate new music — A few songs have been performed off of Foster the People’s unreleased third album at several music festivals over the past couple of months, titled “Pay the Man”, “Lotus Eater”, and “Doing It For The Money”. Recordings of these songs made their way online, giving listeners a brief glance as to what the future held for their beloved band. The songs have been described by some as having dance-pop vibes, and reportedly they’re just as funky as songs from Torches.

I’m personally ecstatic for Foster the People to make their comeback and eventually drop their third album. Their music has impacted my life so much that I dedicated a wall in my bedroom to Supermodel. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us, and I’m positive it’ll be great.


You can check out the tour promo video on Foster the People’s Twitter account and see if the band is playing a show near you.



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