Day Wave

Harmonies that develop, chords that progress, and lyrics that resonate. Hailing from Oakland, Jackson Phillips and his solo project, Day Wave, are busy creating some of the most raw and organic music you’ve ever heard. Consisting of mainly guitar, vocal effects, and minor use of synth, Phillips plays and records everything that strikes the perfect note in your heart. Day Wave has perfected the “gloom pop” sound with lyrics that when read are depressing, however truthful and vulnerable. There’s something about the way the words align with the music that makes it nothing short of utterly beautiful. Day Wave’s most recent, 2016 singles come across as melancholic with the seemingly encircling, almost blurred tones in the background. It’s not the type of melancholy you think of when you listen to entirely acoustic songs; it’s the type of melancholy that turns your heart beats into words. It’s the music you listen to when your head is fogged, thoughts unclear, and you need something to meet you where you’re at. One of the new singles, “Gone”, elaborates on Phillips’ struggle with vulnerability and his feeling of isolation when he moved back to the Bay Area. The lyrics describe his personal evolution and change when first making music for Day Wave. When asked about his creative process of song writing, Phillips said, “I started with the guitar line, with the chord progression, then I laid down the drums. I try to piece it together like a puzzle. I put the lyrics last.” With six new songs being released in the latter part of 2016, you should expect something big from Day Wave in 2017. Despite being a solo act, Phillips maximizes the most out of his talents to produce music that is honest and pure. If you’re a fan of The Japanese House, Hippo Campus, or Declan McKenna, check out Day Wave.

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