Hippo Campus Returns to Austin

Every now and then you’ll witness an opening act that completely dominates the show, blowing the headliner out of the water. They connect with you, inviting you to dance, sing, and sweat along them. They captivate you, somehow making you forget about the band that you came to see. And when they leave the stage, you’re left wondering how you haven’t heard their name before. The first time I saw Hippo Campus, they were an opening act. Their set was no longer than 30 minutes, maxing out at about 6 songs. However, these limitations in no way held back the charismatic band of 21 year olds. The energy in the room reached every individual, even the ones in the back at the bar were drawn in. Hippo Campus managed to transform an opening act into the main act, completely and utterly stealing the show. What makes Hippo Campus vibe so well with their audience? In my opinion, a lot of it has to do with their origins. The band consists of vocalist Jake Luppen, guitarist Nathan Stocker, bassist Zach Sutton and drummer Whistler Allen. The four met in high school although they were originally in separate bands. By their senior […]

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ACL 2017 Weekend 2 Review

Members of our team were able to make it to Austin City Limits Festival during weekend two this year to kick off what we feel is the start of the 2018 concert season. We compiled a few recommendations and reviews of some of our favorite shows of the weekend:   DREAMERS – Noa Johnson DREAMERS, the New York American rock trio consisting of Nick Wold, Marc Nelson, and Jacob Lee Wick, made their Austin City Limits debut on Saturday of weekend two. DREAMERS played to an immense mid-day crowd at the BMI stage and did not disappoint. They started their set with “Wolves (You Got Me)” which got the crowd up, moving and singing. As the set continued one thing stood out was the use of little audio clips (the band refers to them as dream transitions) to provide a pathway from one song to the next. Frontman Nick Wold told us that the inspiration behind these transitions comes from Manu Chaos album ‘Clandestino’. DREAMERS also added a captivating cover of The Cranberries “Zombie” to the setlist, which the crowd loved. The set closed with their smash hit “Sweet Disaster” and the song turned into a huge singalong, every single […]

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Bleachers at KGSR’s Music Lounge

Jack Antonoff’s project, Bleachers, is on tour with their new album, “Gone Now”. Prior to their evening show at Emo’s, Antonoff stopped by 93.3 KGSR to deliver a special, acoustic performance to a group of fifty fans at the Dell Music Lounge here in Austin, Texas.

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Let BANNERS Be Your Road Home

Michael Nelson, more commonly known under the stage moniker “BANNERS”, is arguably the most prominent, up-and-coming singer/songwriter today. The first single of the year for BANNERS, “Someone to You”, was released in early June and is additionally the first single of his new EP. This track serves as a statement of vulnerability. Underneath the catchy guitar rhythms, heavy bass drum downbeats, and the chorus’s supporting synth, is an impactful tale about, well, wanting to be someone. It’s a story where the main character feels lonely and invisible and is desperately struggling to confess his love. This character doesn’t want to have a mere existence; he craves an adventure with a meaningful, life-altering love. We are encouraged to pack light and love heavy despite any trials and tribulations we may encounter. The bass drum beats and fast-paced guitar strumming propel the song forward and let us know that our story doesn’t end because a phrase has come to a close; we keep seeking for our road home. The upbeat tempo throughout the song resembles an eager, restless heart. It mimics footsteps running when the “clouds get heavy and start to fall”. However, when listening to this track, we don’t feel encumbered […]

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Vinyl Theatre Teaches Us How to Refold

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Vinyl Theatre’s sophomore album, Origami, tells us life is an art of folding–and sometimes refolding, too. It serves as a metaphor to remind us that something simple can be made intricate and beautiful. The frontman of these Milwaukee post-punk rockers, Keegan Calmes, shares in an interview, “It’s a positive album with hopeful undertones but it also touches on these harder parts of life.” The band took a trip to upstate New York to record their new album at Dreamland with producers Alex Aldi and Albert Di Fiore whose work with Passion Pit motivated the group to connect with them. Vinyl Theatre’s sound is a blend of synth pop, EDM, and melodic rock. Origami features more prominent guitar lines in comparison to their first album, Electrogram, which was extremely synth-heavy. Despite the heightened use of guitars, Keegan’s voice is the most impactful element as it drives these wholesome anthems forward. “Speak My Mind” is perhaps the hidden treasure of Vinyl Theatre’s discography. The track speaks to the struggle of controlling one’s own being. It gives breath to the struggle to be vulnerable and the fight for authenticity in the face of adversity in today’s […]

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Pierce Fulton Takes Us to Better Places

Pierce Fulton is a Vermont native and one of the most prominent unsung heroes of today’s EDM scene. He has had tracks used in popular ad campaigns, topped several emerging artists charts, and even had a side project with the renown actor and DJ, Ansel Elgort. As if that wasn’t enough, Fulton has also collaborated with bands such as The Killers and Atlas Genius. Fulton reps a newer genre of electronic music called “trance”. While listening to this music you’re almost in a zone of heightened consciousness, a trance. This zone is portrayed by the mixing of layers with distinctly foreshadowed build-up and release points. A common theme of this genre is a mid-song climax that’s followed by an easy, soft breakdown consisting of usually only percussive beats. This process gives the melody and other background elements time to stand alone until they begin to grow back into their previous state. Another quality that trance tracks possess is that they are usually more lengthy so that there’s time for these various progressions/digressions to unfold. Additionally, the opening and closing statements are more sparse which allows DJs to have the power to mix with ease. On the last day of June, […]

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Smallpools’s Million Dollar Summer

Los Angeles band, Smallpools, has us up and dancing for the first time in 2017. They released their first single this year at the beginning of June entitled, “Million Bucks”. This single will be apart of their sophomore EP, “The Science of Letting Go”; it’s estimated to be released by RCA records on August 4th. In other words, leave room for Smallpools on your songs of summer playlist. With this single, Smallpools is starting to lean slightly towards indie rock rather than indie pop. Their first full-length album, “Lovetap”, lacked diversity and left listeners uninterested after a couple plays. However, “Million Bucks”, sounds like it will deliver much more. The opening twenty seconds is a guitar ballad that sets up the song to sound more full and wholesome rather than an overpowering, dance synth to kick things off. Fans of CRUISR, Cold War Kids, and Bleachers are destined to have a summer worth a million bucks with Smallpools’s highly anticipated EP release. You’re able to catch Smallpools touring with Misterwives and Vinyl Theatre at the end of this summer.

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The Infinite Radness of Tokyo Police Club

They’ve been tearing up the indie music world with their punk-infused anthems for over a decade now so it’s only fitting that they gained some of their first buzz off the social media platform, MySpace. These Toronto rockers have stuck to their same sound since the early 2000s (and they’re pretty damn good at it). It was in the days where people scrummaged to find free tracks in the depths of blogs that Tokyo Police Club earned their name. Ironically enough, Tokyo Police Club picked their name based on a computer program designed to analyze the most popular band names. When the four band members disbanded from their previous group, Suburbia, Tokyo Police Club was born in a Canadian basement. Needless to say, these guys know how to make music. Their most recent album, “Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness (Parts 1 and 2)”, serves as proof that they still haven’t lost their well-deserved MySpace hype. The album’s title is a play on words to The Smashing Pumpkins’s album, “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”, released in 1995. Shout choruses are particularly evident in the tracks, “My House” and “Not My Girl”, and you can also find places where the […]

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Paramore’s Newest Era

Pop-punk legends Paramore have been stirring a commotion in their fans and the indie pop scene after their first release in 4 years.   Paramore broke from their punk sound with their self-titled album in 2013, throwing a curve ball at their loyal fanbase with tracks with ukulele diddies, a rock heartbeat and a gospel choir breakdown in “Ain’t it Fun”. Since then, the band faced some ups and downs, including the departure of their original bassist Jeremy Davis, but also the return of the band’s original drummer Zac Farro. While the band toured for the ‘Paramore’ era, and continued on their Parahoy cruise shortly after the news of Davis, the band has been quite quiet since.   Paramore hinted at their comeback by participating in a sudden social media makeover, painting the band’s social media accounts in a purple gradient on April 16th, three days before releasing their single “Hard Times” and announcing their album “After Laughter”. From visuals alone of the bright cover art and 90’s themed music video, fans could already tell that this album would be like nothing anyone has heard from Paramore before. “Hard Times” and “Told You So” lead with pop riffs, funk bass […]

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JR JR: Same Dark Places

The indie pop band from Detroit, JR JR, released their second single, “Same Dark Places”, in late March of 2017. Nearing one million plays on Spotify, the new single’s popularity is much due to its exposure on the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. However, it’s an emotionally impactful song regardless. The first ten seconds of the song have percussive beats that mimic the pulsing of a heart. Then you hear the occasional interjections of warped string tones and delicate, brassy synth effects. This is followed by the lyrics, “focus on your breathing”. Your heart wants to match the slow, melancholic groove of the song, which creates that easy-going feeling you experience while listening. This song is an anthem to sing out when you’re in your own dark place. You are reassured and in the very moments of listening you do believe that it will be okay and that you aren’t alone in your struggle. Fast-forward and you hear the chorus: I know everybody goes to the same dark places Sometimes in the dead of night when you think you can’t make it You might find I left a light beside the bed for you Cause I’ve been there too I […]

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The 1975 at KGSR’s Music Lounge

Here in America for their 2017 North American tour, The 1975 from Manchester were met in Austin with a warm welcome as they had not one, but two back-to-back sold-out shows at Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater earlier this week. Last time we saw The 1975 in Austin was for their headlining show at the Austin360 Amphitheater last May, playing for approximately 14,000 people with fans lining up as early as 30 hours before doors opening. Lead singer Matty Healy and guitarist Adam Hann stopped by the KGSR Music Lounge on Tuesday to play an acoustic set for a special audience; as part of the Anthropos Arts music mentorship program, Reagan High School musicians had the opportunity to watch an intimate performance of their singles, “A Change of Heart” and “Somebody Else”. In between songs, Healy spoke live on the air with Andy Langer of KGSR about his approach to art as a form of imitation, his personal progression and growth as an artist, and the advice he would give his 14-year-old self. The fun didn’t end here, though, because afterward the students had the chance to meet the pair, pose for a photo, and to even […]

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Foster the People’s World Tour

From Los Angeles, California, Foster the People gained exposure the summer of 2011 with the release of their hit single, “Pumped Up Kicks”. Today, the band finally returned from a three-year hiatus with the announcement of a world tour. This is the first tour the band has officially been on since 2014’s extension of the Supermodel tour and it was a delightful surprise for fans everywhere. New tours usually indicate new music — A few songs have been performed off of Foster the People’s unreleased third album at several music festivals over the past couple of months, titled “Pay the Man”, “Lotus Eater”, and “Doing It For The Money”. Recordings of these songs made their way online, giving listeners a brief glance as to what the future held for their beloved band. The songs have been described by some as having dance-pop vibes, and reportedly they’re just as funky as songs from Torches. I’m personally ecstatic for Foster the People to make their comeback and eventually drop their third album. Their music has impacted my life so much that I dedicated a wall in my bedroom to Supermodel. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us, and I’m positive it’ll be […]

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Father John Misty’s “Pure Comedy”

Since deleting his social media profiles back in September, Josh Tillman, commonly known by his alias Father John Misty, has been out of the public eye for quite some time. That is, until the former Fleet Foxes drummer released a new single titled “Pure Comedy” and announced his third album, also titled Pure Comedy, to be released on April 7, 2017. Tillman also recently reactivated his Twitter account and took the opportunity to answer questions from many concerned fans. Four singles have been officially released from Pure Comedy thus far, and they are titled “Pure Comedy“, “Total Entertainment Forever“, “Ballad of the Dying Man“, and “Two Wildly Different Perspectives“. Upon giving these singles a listen, it’s safe to say that the new album won’t stray far from Tillman’s folk rock roots. It’s the type of music that you’d have playing while stargazing on a clear night; a serene sound accompanied by the voice of an angel. While this album comes as a surprise to many, his fans are anxiously awaiting the release. We urge all fans to check out his film titled “Pure Comedy [the film]” which discusses the making of the album and includes some previews of what’s to […]

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The Japanese House

The London-based songwriter, Amber Bain, is more popularly known as The Japanese House. She defies the gender stereotypes present with many female artists by taking away her identity from the music; Bain said, “By taking away a person’s identity, all you have to focus on is the music, which is kind of cool.” If you’re wondering about the name, Bain at age eight was on a holiday when she spent a week pretending to be a boy. Her portrayal was so convincing that a girl next door began to write her love letters. Bain admitted, “At that age I just genuinely felt really boyish, and didn’t really conform to any of those classic little girl stereotypes.” The cottage she was staying in over the holiday was owned by actress Kate Winslet and was so conveniently named, The Japanese House. The memories and experiences cultivated during this time influenced her creative, musical genius in a profound way. 2016 was the year of The Japanese House. Originally overcome by stage fright, Bain changed this mindset by paving her own path with the EP, Swim Against The Tide. She embraced herself and strutted a newfound sense of vulnerability, which increased faith in her […]

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Coast Modern

This electric-indie duo made it big in 2015 with their grooving beach vibes prominent in their first single, “Hollow Life”. However, it took them two years to create their own niche in our overflowing world of indie music; Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp of Coast Modern began their journey in 2013 as struggling songwriters who met in Los Angeles, California. Trapp escaped to Denver, Colorado for a period of time to reflect and become more introspective and genuine in his songwriting. He would send these snippets back to Atlas to be produced and before we knew it, Coast Modern had broken ground in the indie music scene. Not long after, the duo released their second single, “Animals”, in 2016. Unlike many others, Coast Modern has artfully cultivated their own sound and have found success in doing so. There isn’t another band out there that comes close to resembling their electric surf vibes. The blending and intonation of so many genres such as psych pop, hip hop, and reggae, help make their third single, “Guru”, an addicting track that screams summer and beach trips from the very first sounds of the synth. Each song Coast Modern releases casts a carefree, light-headed […]

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New York duo Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, more commonly known as SOFI TUKKER, have single-handedly altered the face of electronic dance music as we know it. The moment the pair walked on to the House of Vans stage at the Mohawk this past South by South West, it was clear that the show would put on an experience like no other. The stage was covered in plants, but most notably, donned a massive drum pad in the shape of a palm tree — except the tree had books instead of leaves, and the books emitted various musical notes when either Sophie or Tucker struck them during the performance. The show itself radiated a powerful energy as sick guitar riffs and the Portuguese language rang throughout the ears of hundreds of audience members. After opening their set with the single, “Johny”, it’s safe to say that the crowd immediately fell in love with the party vibes put on by SOFI TUKKER. In the middle of the set, Sophie taught everyone the dance moves that coincide with their song, “Awoo.” This song in particular is special because it popped so severely that SOFI TUKKER had to restart it — twice. And even […]

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Knox Hamilton: The Heights

Knox who? The group of Southern boys from Little Rock, Arkansas took the name from an old, thrift store yearbook and they managed to “Set It on Fire” with their debut album, The Heights. The brothers, Boots and Cobo Copeland, formed Knox Hamilton in 2010 before signing a deal with Prospect Park in 2014. Their rise into the indie pop world began when their single, “Work It Out”, was featured on Alt Nation. Knox Hamilton is aiming to gain more exposure this spring by touring with Colony House and Fenech-Soler in addition to gigs at SXSW and festivals alongside Young the Giant and The Head and the Heart. Citing Phoenix, Foster the People, Coldplay, The Killers, and Keane as influences, there’s a common, driving, electric force beneath the songs. However, the music still feels homegrown. Bradley Pierce’s uplifting vocals only add to the band’s perfected indie pop sound. While listening, you feel time is at a standstill; every stroke of the guitar and loop of the synth further progresses your thoughts — and your dancing. The sun is kept shining, the skies glow a perpetual blue, and the windows are rolled down, road trip-ready. The heavy strikes from the drums […]

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The Lighthouse & The Whaler

What originally started in 2008 as a folk trio outfit has since been altered to an indie rock quartet. The Lighthouse & The Whaler formed in Cleveland, Ohio, so it only made sense for them to be destined alt-rockers having performed at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With this multi-genre background, they’re often accredited with proficiently blending different stylistic elements in their songs. Since TLATW’s inception, they’ve opened up for acts such as The Temper Trap, GIVERS, The Lumineers, and Ra Ra Riot. And if you’re curious about the band’s name, it’s inspired from Chapter 14 of the cult classic, Moby Dick. Three years had passed since the group’s last full-length effort. Their love for M83’s dangerous and vulnerable music inspired them to create their most recent album, Mont Royal, in 2015. The band’s sound when they released their first album, The Lighthouse And The Whaler, relied heavily on string sections at the forefront of songs. However, Mont Royal swaps the warm, mellow sound of stringed instruments for the more ambitious undertones of synthesizers and crashes of electric guitars. While many associate synth with EDM, TLATW uses it in a more dramatic, meaningful fashion to progress and develop […]

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The Decemberists

The Decemberists are an indie-rock band with a unique and avant garde set of sounds that can only be matched in eccentrism by their home city of Portland, Oregon. Lead singer and principal songwriter Colin Meloy (Formerly of Happy Cactus and Tarkio) doubles as an accomplished author, responsible for the Wildwood trilogy of youth novels. Meloy’s literary prowess and vast arsenal of esoteric diction gives the Decemberists’ lyrics an unmistakable poetic atmosphere that will leave the listener craving for another glimpse into the worlds of their crooked cast of characters. These vivid lyrics are synergized with complex instrumentals that characterize each song. “Culling of the Fold” from their 2006 album The Crane Wife features panicked, dissonant piano chords and ominous violin to bring Meloy’s violent and murderous lyrics to life. “The Sporting Life” from the 2005 album Picaresque keeps things lighthearted with an upbeat head-nodding drum and bass rhythm coupled with humorous lyrics to create a nostalgic high school sporting scene. The Decemberists’ latest full album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World was released in 2015, including 14 tracks displaying the same bona fide musical talent that has been exhibited since the Decemberists debuted with their first EP […]

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STRFKR’s Vault Vol. 1

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, STRFKR is an indie-electronic band that combines heavy beats with a psychedelic sound. Initially a solo project by band member Josh Hodges, STRFKR soon transformed into the next big face of EDM with the addition of members Shawn Glassford, Keil Corcoran, and Patrick Morris. Swaying between the names Pyramid and Pyramidd since the band was formed in 2007, they finally settled on the name Starfucker, most commonly stylized as STRFKR. Today the band released their seventh LP, a “new ‘rarities’ album of old songs rescued off of [Hodges’] dying computer.” The album titled Vault Vol. 1 is the first in a three record series and includes twenty songs that total about 37 minutes. With tracks such as “Rachel” and “Boogie Woogie,” fans are given an inside look behind the making of STRFKR. When compared to their previous releases, Vault Vol. 1 certainly has a more mellow vibe that goes hand in hand with their album Miracle Mile. One of the most iconic aspects of STRFKR is their live performances. Each concert explodes with energy as the band is known to put on one hell of a show, reciting their beloved tracks in spacesuits, dazzling minidresses, and ratty wigs — all […]

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“The Search for Everything: Wave One”

Connecticut-born John Mayer recently returned to the public eye after a four-year hiatus with the release of his latest EP, “The Search for Everything: Wave One.” Filled with infusions of his earlier album sounds, he’s taken a turn from his 2013 release “Paradise Valley” which has a slight country undertone. His four-song EP brings listeners back to his well-known jazz tones, to later be compiled into a full-length album titled “The Search for Everything.” This release has also sparked a world tour to begin in May. Although not coming to Texas, Mayer will be traveling from Utah to Sweden and everywhere in between. The promo video Mayer released for the tour has promised listeners three sets at each show, consisting of “a full band, solo acoustic, and John Mayer trio” as well as his most popular songs mixed with ones from his new EP. “Wave One” of “The Search for Everything” consists of the songs “Love on the Weekend,” “Changing,” “Moving On and Getting Over,” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.” These songs are emotionally charged with the feelings of letting go of a past relationship as Mayer engulfs the listeners with raw, hopeful words of encouragement. Some theories […]

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Chase Atlantic Releases Their Third EP

Australian alternative band Chase Atlantic has just released a new EP titled Part 1, their third EP release since 2014. With three new songs, Chase Atlantic returns with their deep synth and R&B stylings. Bringing an upbeat tone to their slow jams, they flawlessly combine heavy bass and percussion sounds into their synth and electronic sound, mixing in bits of brass to finish each sound with a chill, sensual vibe. Chase Atlantic produces a sound that blends aspects of The Weekend and The 1975 together into a new flavor of alternative R&B. Their powerful builds and deep beats make their discography perfect for a night drive in the city, or some fitting mood music for a makeout mixtape. You can hear Part 1 on Spotify, and you can follow Chase Atlantic on their twitter @ChaseAtlantic

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Day Wave

Harmonies that develop, chords that progress, and lyrics that resonate. Hailing from Oakland, Jackson Phillips and his solo project, Day Wave, are busy creating some of the most raw and organic music you’ve ever heard. Consisting of mainly guitar, vocal effects, and minor use of synth, Phillips plays and records everything that strikes the perfect note in your heart. Day Wave has perfected the “gloom pop” sound with lyrics that when read are depressing, however truthful and vulnerable. There’s something about the way the words align with the music that makes it nothing short of utterly beautiful. Day Wave’s most recent, 2016 singles come across as melancholic with the seemingly encircling, almost blurred tones in the background. It’s not the type of melancholy you think of when you listen to entirely acoustic songs; it’s the type of melancholy that turns your heart beats into words. It’s the music you listen to when your head is fogged, thoughts unclear, and you need something to meet you where you’re at. One of the new singles, “Gone”, elaborates on Phillips’ struggle with vulnerability and his feeling of isolation when he moved back to the Bay Area. The lyrics describe his personal evolution and […]

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Arctic Monkeys #6

Following the release of their album “AM” in 2013, the alternative-rock band Arctic Monkeys set out on a world tour to debut their new music. Performing over twenty tours and festivals since their discography in 2002, their final performance took place in Rio de Janeiro on November 15, 2014. This was the last time the public would see all band members together for the next two years. Throughout their hiatus, the official Arctic Monkeys Twitter account has remained fairly active; but mainly to promote the band The Last Shadow Puppets, created by Miles Kane and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. Drummer Matt Helders also accompanied Iggy Pop for the “Post Pop Depression” album and tour. It appeared that the band members had moved on, and it was an unspoken agreement among the music scene that the Arctic Monkeys were done for. Fans of the legendary English band feared this was the last they would see of their beloved band forever. All hope was lost — it seemed like the end. That is, until the band was recently identified on several occasions around Sheffield, England, the hometown of the Arctic Monkeys. It was rumored that the band was working on new […]

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Top Albums of 2016

2016 was a huge year for the music industry. The Suede team took the liberty to comprise lists of their favorite releases throughout the year. Check them out below!      

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The Wldlfe

Hailing from the chilly Midwest, The Wldlfe is an indie, synthpop band off to make their name. However, don’t let “synthpop” fool you; these guys also know how to move their way around the guitar as it is evident in their debut EP, “New”. With sounds similar to CHVRCHES and The Japanese House, The Wldlfe is the best band you’ve never heard of. They are kicking off their new year with a boom by opening for Coin in early 2017. Despite being fairly new to the indie music scene, they have received close to 1,000,000 plays on Spotify. Additionally, their new single, “Text Me?”, has been an overnight sensation. While The Wldlfe is keeping their shows fairly local for now, be ready to watch their ascent to the top tiers. You can check out their EP on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. They are also in the works of creating their sophomore EP, to be released sometime in 2017.

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“Give It Up” for Patternist

The indie, synthpop band, Patternist, made its beginnings in the progressive, overcast Portland. Patternist’s music can be enjoyed on rainy days spent inside or driving downtown on a chilly night with gleaming city lights and brisk air streaking across your face. Their new EP, “Give It Up”, offers the listener a chance to be introspective. The drum tracks underneath “Too Fast” mimic the beating of your own heart, letting the music and lyrics resonate and pulse within you so you can put your own story with the words. The heavy synthesizer present in all the tracks lacks anything but emotion. The layered, repeated rhythms remind the audience of bands like St. Lucia or CHVRCHES. With the electronic percussion providing the vulnerable bass line, the synthesizer adding the forward motion, and the pure, whole tone of Gabe’s vocals, you want to jump in the car with your closest friends and roll down the windows and take it a bit too fast. Having opened for acts such as Finish Ticket, Vinyl Theatre, and Lostboycrow, Gabe Mouer and his start-up, Patternist, are making their name known in the indie music world with their new EP.

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The Return of Ed Sheeran

After a year long hiatus, the flaming haired singer songwriter has returned to public eye. Ed Sheeran sent out a vague tweet this morning at 12:29 AM, keeping his promise of returning in a year by the minute, as he sent out his parting post exactly last year at the same time. The content of his message, a text-less light blue image (color #42b6e7 to be exact), leaves many questions, but seems to hint in the direction of a new release. If Ed has been taking notes from The 1975, Twenty One Pilots and Childish Gambino during his absence, a twitter/ social media transformation has become a way for artists to signify a new era in their music that is typically showcased through their newest album. Similarly, Sheeran’s ominous alteration to his Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook seems to follow in these footsteps. From what little we know about Ed’s activities during this hiatus, there has been a small but sufficient amount of evidence to prove he has been working on new music. Most info about Ed’s adventures have come from various Snapchats, mostly from his producer Benny. Various Sheeran fan accounts have been documenting his worldwide adventures during the […]

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Awaken, My Love!

Gambino separates himself from his past, electro rap, hip hop albums with his newest release. You hear the rich, versatile, funk guitar pedals to begin “Redbone”. It’s the perfect clash between rhythm and blues, soul, and rap. However, you can still find the modern heavy synth undertones in “Me and Your Mama”. It’s that sweet spot that Gambino found by mixing the late 1960s with our 2010s. The church choirs and raspy lead vocals make the music that much more raw, vulnerable. And even once in a while, you’ll hear that signature, resonate ring from the xylophone. You receive the drums playing interlocking rhythms and the electric wah-wah guitars with their syncopated, seemingly “off-beat” riffs. It’s this on top of that undeniable funky bass line that makes it hard not to let loose. It’s difficult to not think about James Brown, the progenitor of funk, when you hear the screeching choruses in the forefront of many songs. Overall, you could say Glover is a connoisseur of all genres as he proves in his new album, “Awaken, My Love!”.

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