Bleachers at KGSR’s Music Lounge

Jack Antonoff’s project, Bleachers, is on tour with their new album, “Gone Now”. Prior to their evening show at Emo’s, Antonoff stopped by 93.3 KGSR to deliver a special, acoustic performance to a group of fifty fans at the Dell Music Lounge here in Austin, Texas.

The Set

The Dell Music Lounge is an exclusive studio event where artists perform live sets in front of an intimate crowd while being broadcasted on-air to 93.3 KGSR.

Antonoff launched the set with the single that caused Bleachers to appear on the radar: “I Wanna Get Better”. He followed it up with another oldie before stopping for an interview on-air.

Throughout the interview, Antonoff spoke to his efforts during Hurricane Harvey — matching donations to a local LGBTQ organization in Houston that was running on pennies between the cushions. He then offered valuable insight into his defense on shorts as a musician’s concert attire citing Jack Johnson and Jimmy Buffet’s laid back aesthetic. Can artists wear shorts on stage? We’ll let you take that one up with Jack. However, Antonoff’s denim-on-denim and Dr. Martens getup is certainly undeniable.

After the interview, Jack delivered heart-wrenching, acoustic renditions of “Don’t Take The Money” and “I Miss Those Days”. He managed to squeeze every ounce of emotion out of each guitar strum and vocal phrase. Simultaneously, he revealed a new side to the two songs that many have never heard. The two tracks are recorded as indie-pop love anthems on the record. However, they were meant to be performed as softer, introspective ballads about finding real love and losing hope and regaining it in the process.

What’s Next?

You’re able to witness Jack Antonoff and Bleachers perform as they work their way up the West Coast and then the East Coast on their “Gone Now Era – Part 1 Tour”. With openers along the way like TangerineBishop Briggs, and Tove Styrke, it’s bound to make your night that much better.

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