Awaken, My Love!

Gambino separates himself from his past, electro rap, hip hop albums with his newest release. You hear the rich, versatile, funk guitar pedals to begin “Redbone”. It’s the perfect clash between rhythm and blues, soul, and rap. However, you can still find the modern heavy synth undertones in “Me and Your Mama”. It’s that sweet spot that Gambino found by mixing the late 1960s with our 2010s. The church choirs and raspy lead vocals make the music that much more raw, vulnerable. And even once in a while, you’ll hear that signature, resonate ring from the xylophone. You receive the drums playing interlocking rhythms and the electric wah-wah guitars with their syncopated, seemingly “off-beat” riffs. It’s this on top of that undeniable funky bass line that makes it hard not to let loose. It’s difficult to not think about James Brown, the progenitor of funk, when you hear the screeching choruses in the forefront of many songs. Overall, you could say Glover is a connoisseur of all genres as he proves in his new album, “Awaken, My Love!”.

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