Arctic Monkeys #6

Following the release of their album “AM” in 2013, the alternative-rock band Arctic Monkeys set out on a world tour to debut their new music. Performing over twenty tours and festivals since their discography in 2002, their final performance took place in Rio de Janeiro on November 15, 2014. This was the last time the public would see all band members together for the next two years.

Throughout their hiatus, the official Arctic Monkeys Twitter account has remained fairly active; but mainly to promote the band The Last Shadow Puppets, created by Miles Kane and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. Drummer Matt Helders also accompanied Iggy Pop for the “Post Pop Depression” album and tour. It appeared that the band members had moved on, and it was an unspoken agreement among the music scene that the Arctic Monkeys were done for. Fans of the legendary English band feared this was the last they would see of their beloved band forever.

All hope was lost — it seemed like the end.

That is, until the band was recently identified on several occasions around Sheffield, England, the hometown of the Arctic Monkeys.

It was rumored that the band was working on new music, but there was no confirmation until Shamir Masri of BBC tweeted the following:


As far as the new album’s sound goes, it’s almost impossible to predict what the Arctic Monkeys will present to us in their upcoming album. “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” and “Favourite Worst Nightmare” are albums with the classic rock sound, as “Humbug” and “Suck It and See” overall delivered calmer and softer sounds. The vibe of “AM” was completely unexpected of the band, as it brought more modern sounds to the table and heavy basslines; meant in the best way possible, it’s the type of music you’d see in a hipster indie film where the teenagers hang out at their local “secret spot” discussing life and going on late-night adventures.

Although the album release date has not yet been revealed to the public, it is very possible that AM6 could launch in the upcoming year.

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